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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pergh,im ordering a 'poison',INTREND and hate the fact that man must start first..

how he can be so famous though..aku pon tak leh buat mcm tu..they can even make their own video and spread to the whole world(through utube what im talking about)..and even their blog,make themself very special..
aku pon nak mcm tu..so,is there any specialty inside me that make me so special,and people in the whole world will know me and recognise me as well..

perlu ke utk jadi famous?
rasa macam tak perlu kot..

jadi..apakah peralatan utk jadi famous???...

i know..
emmm..i dont know..

adeiii,banyak lagi bnda yg aku harus uruskan daripada jadi famous ni..apez,u r already famous! its enough!

benda yg aku nak issue kan sikalang ni ada lah fast food(thing that hard for me to 'blah' from)..suke sgt aku mkn McD..ada apa la sgt pada burger tu!!..hello,tons of fat ok!

if i cant get McD,i;ll find for a burger kat burger stall sbelah jalan ni..

"em,burger daging double special cheese satu. nanti sya dtg ambik"
pergh,im ordering a 'poison'

aku minat kat sorang minah ni..but she is far from me..i mean,she stay in kl,sometime i can see her,but i cant reach her..that is my situation..but,i didnt struggle to get her(i didnt say it is pointless) but i dont wanna try for it..dont know why..but still,i let it be. some people will say that i am a coward. no,i was thinking about my future..she lives as a student(student style=studying=keep studying)takot pulak nak kacau..hate the fact that man must start first..

ok,at last..dapat jugak INTREND!..u know why im struggling to get INTREND this month..sbb amani jadi cover page..she is so fucking cute! damn!..ala,INTREND bkn best pon,tapi gambar inside(photoshoot session) nmpk lawa.hahahhaha
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