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Friday, April 12, 2013

Mlutch & Messenger

Assalamualaikum dan hai dan tetiba hari ni nak bincang kan topik fashion pulak kat entry kali ini.

Mlutch? What is that?


Clutch? tau?

Clutch tu beg tangan perempuan, tapi tak dak tali. Dia ibarat purse,tapi besar.. haha. tak de la besaq macam tilam,cukop la saiz besar tu menampakkan perempuan yg bawa Clutch nya ke event2 seperti makan malam, award event ke..red carpet ke, she will look gorgeous with that.

But now i would like to talk about Mlutch which is a combination of two words, man and clutch. This Mlutch is invented for man. Dont talk much la,lelaki pun perlukan fashion jugak,tapi ikot tempat la kan. Mlutch ni boleh letak ipad,cash,some important document, even your lovely wife/family pictures. Cakap pasal picture,i think hard copy picture is much precious compared to soft copy pictures. It just nowadays,soft copy pic tak payah berat2 nak bw,boleh simpan beribu2 gambar dlm memory kad,. tapi gambar sekeping(berbentuk hard copy), i think,people tend to more appreciate it,doesnt it? But i dont say u guys patot print semua gambar yg ada dlm memory card u guys. hahaha...penuh satu Mlutch tu nanti. This Mlucth thing can also be called as Messenger,due to its ability to carry things. Kikikiki. So, below are some pictures i had copied it from google (of course,kat mna lagi nak cari). For me, this extra accessory(might be important accessory as wallet i would say) can be able to increase the level of 'fashionisty' of  a man. Fashionisty?? hmmm,mcm fashionasty. Nak relate dgn fabulousity sebenarnye. Fabulousity? Ermmmm. WhatEvv @#$%&%$#

Even CR apply it ^_^

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