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Thursday, March 31, 2011

they'll put grenade under the stage,i'll use my own technique and THEY TURN ME

masih cerita pasal dinner PDR yang kali ke berapa,aku pon tak ingat..
the best thing about dinner is the food..akan tahan perot kosong start dari petang,ada yg tahan perot kosong starting from morning..because kami akan makan bersungguh2 pada malam kejadian..
when the time comes,kami akan serbu n kutip n serang segala makanan dah di prepared.
ada yang tarik rambut sesama sendiri hanya utk dptkan makanan..
ada yg sanggup letak racun supaya mereka dapat control semua makanan alone..
ada yg dudok sahaja,planning utk dapatkan makanan dgn lebih bijak(they'll put grenade under the stage),attracting people so they can get all the food by themself.
(the most undeniable and unacceptable story;plis dont belief)

i'll use my own technique..
i'll Q up
remain silence and be patient..
bukankah islam menyuruh umatnya bersabar
bukankah islam menyuruh umatnya bersederhana
(islam also dont allow umatnya to lie)
for me,i wont take the rice(tapi ambik jugak sikit)
i'll took so many lauk pauk,and ratah jer..lalalalala..
i paid more than rm50(dont know the exactly amount) utk makan lauk jer..so sad.

cerita utama yg nak aku ceritakan adalah mengenai make yg aku kenakan pada malam kejadian..
gua buat 2 show..not serentak..show gua yg pertama is the opening and the second show at the middle of the ceremony..

for my second show,i'll dance to a song entitled RUN DEVIL RUN,and i was thinking nak make up mcm ala2 rock and a bit devil la..so i think,and decided to put a celak around my eyelid. but it turns weird!



so scary hah!
wekkkkk...yah,i shouldnt put some make up on my face..but i looks funny though.lol

so i decided to wear black ray ban(to cover up my eye) during my show. this is my last appearance

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