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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Allah still Listens

Assalamualaikum para bloggers sekalian.
Lama sangat2 cek meninggalkan dunia penulisan blog,sangat lama sampai cek pon tak ingat bila kali terakhir cek post new entry(apa susah,tengk previous entry la kan).
Plenty of things happened to me,to my life. Some sucks,and some ending with a happy moments.
Hari ahad ni, Hari Pesta Pemakanan which is held in front of my college, which is i'm gladly that the event was held just near to my room(my block where i lived), and i cant escape from listening and enjoying the riuh rendah and loud of music they played. Enjoy la kan, hari ni hari ahad,kalau sunyi, mesti aku tension/stress, because now i live alone, most of my friends going back hometown and hang up with their other friend. I dont need to worry so much because i have phone/laptop with me (including wifi which make the gadget works) and also malay and english novel, and some motivation&lesson tales book which is informative to me.

I do love reading books, but yeah, i didnt say that reading is boringggggggggggg...but reading with understanding wont make u boring at all..it makes u curious on the next sentence.

I dont want to having a story telling here about my 'suck' life, but yeah it does suck.I told Allah everything about my life, and this motivated sentence/quote motivating me to keep praying/working/hoping to Allah :

"When you speak to Allah, dont be embarrassed to tell Him anything, the most beautiful thing is that He knows what you are about to tell Him, and yet He still listens"

See, Allah the most merciful Love Allah ^_^


  1. im take note ur word.. :) allah still listens.. :) http://annisa-adnan.blogspot.com

  2. yup..sama2 lah kita berdoa annisa adnan :)


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