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Friday, February 18, 2011

today's summer collections..

 style jeans kat ats ni dh berlambak2 malaysian pakai..so,tak heran sgt lah why there are so many teen yg choose this kind of outfit...it look damn simple and styly with the sneakers....senang nak pakai..btw,remaja nowadays mmg suka pakai jeans...kuar je lepak ngan mmber2..jeans and round neck t-shirt is commonly chosed by them..easygoing though..
 accessory utk jejaka di luar sana...i think watch kat ats ni mmg nampak stylo n elegant la...nak habaq mai kat ampa,this kind of watch tak nmpk berat...certain guys out there tak suka pakai accessory..and diowang akan nampak kosongm with no accessory melekat on their body..in other word..they will look 'sugul'..but mostly,guys skrg dh start pakai accessory,especially wacth...this kind of watch mmg sesuai la utk para2 blogger lelaki yah...it suit with every kind of outfit..u may try if u dont trust..
watch kat ats ni pulak agak nmpak exclusive..mcm org2 berada jer yg boleh pakai..i dont think so..if u can mix and match ur outfit dgn ur accessory...ur appezrance will be boom!
 since,this is summer collection for guys out there..i ada collection handbag utk para blogger lelaki..ye la..cuaca summer kat malaysia tak mcm summer kat korea...summer kat malaysia agak extreme...so,most people will easily be dehydrated...u may need water and other staff to keep along with u..all those handbag mmg sesuai utk dimiliki..korang boleh bwa g jln2 tanpa ragu...tapi carefull..peragut ramai diluar sana..
 boot ats ni bkn boot utk summer..aku ltak sbb  aku berkenan..hehhe...sometime,it does look ugly...tapi ok la,pakai nak buat show jer..lol..

i love how the way he look..with a simple red jacket..black inner and a long black pant...mmg masyuk ar...i adore the jacket..it will be mine soon..hehe..tunggu duit dulu la yer...tapi rntai mmg tak berkenan...its a cross necklace..i am muslim..islam doesnt forbid their followers to get in fashion,but please not to langgar the syarak..saranghae(^_^)...


org yg mengarut(^_^)

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