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hello everybody..assalamualaikum.. selamat sejahtera..this is my district where i expressed my feeling, show myself and i collaged my life. i really enjoy snaping pics!..this is my life...have a nice day to all bloggers..(^_^)..

Sunday, December 26, 2010

eat the prostylish..i'm the prostylish eater..

eat the prostylish..i'm the prostylish eater..hehhe...cool hah bila pakai celak..ala2 gothic...and actually the process did kill me..hard for me to diminish the celak..ye la,nak smbhyg..mna boleh..kalau celak mekah tak pe la..hahha...ni celak maybelline..my mom's...she doesnt know..hehhe..i know she dont mind...

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