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hello everybody..assalamualaikum.. selamat sejahtera..this is my district where i expressed my feeling, show myself and i collaged my life. i really enjoy snaping pics!..this is my life...have a nice day to all bloggers..(^_^)..

Sunday, December 26, 2010

my tok..grandmother la..haha

my tok..i called her 'tok'..i know,certain country mention 'tok' as granfather..but my 'tok' is female..so,she is my sweet lovely grandmother..hehehe...always do 'gulai' and sent it to my house...and her 'gulai' is totally superb..try la kalau tak caye..hahaha..and,wanna to remind u,kalau korang mkn kat umah dia,and she already know and mesra to u,be carefull because dia akan tambah nasi u all tanpa u all sedar..my cousin and i slalu beware of that..so kelakar...thats why,tiap kali cuti,my body weight increased 'mendadak'ly..heheh..saranghae..(^_^)..

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